What is SUP and what are the benefits

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) has been gaining massive popularity in the last few years, but this sport dates back to the 1940s in Hawaii. The great popularity is because SUP can be practiced wherever there is water, both in calm waters (lakes, dams, rowing canals), in wild waters (down the stream of big rivers), but mostly in seas and oceans (using waves for higher speed). This is an improved version of surfing because the board is bigger and more stable, and you use a paddle to move and control it. All of the above makes SUP more accessible than surfing, as it does not require special weather conditions, special skills, or much training to learn.

The benefits of the sport are complex, including equalized (according to the goal) and balanced (depending on the individual capabilities) physical activity of the whole human body (muscles of the back, core, arms, legs, and shoulders). Paddling on SUP takes place on the water, in nature, providing an optimal environment for improving the spiritual state – you will forget about stress and daily problems. Training with SUP is an easy and enjoyable way to maintain good physical, healthy, and spiritual condition.

Who are we and why we chose this sport

We are a young and energetic team of coaches for whom sport has always been a part of life. We chose SUP because of the many benefits for the practitioners and the fact that it is an unpopular sport in Bulgaria. SUP is suitable for everyone and can be both extreme and relaxing. First you learn to keep balance, try something new, and then you will enjoy the peace and positive emotions of the surrounding environment. SUP paddling is an unforgettable experience that can be combined with your vacation or walk in nature, allowing you to enjoy it from a different perspective.

Our goal is to make SUP accessible to everyone!

Our team