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    Freqently Asked Questions

    1. What should I bring?

    Comfortable clothes – fast drying clothes (according to the season), swimsuit or neoprene suit, water, spare clothes for changing, and a towel. For longer and out-of-country adventures, we will send you a detailed list after booking.

    2. Is it suitable for children?

    Yes, by recommending and always discounting them. Sports should be present in everyone’s life, especially for teenagers. It is recommended that children be at least 7 years old.

    3. Is SUP safe?

    Yes, and no special qualities are needed to learn it. Our instructors are responsible for your safety and you have nothing to worry about.

    4. Can anyone learn to SUP?

    Yes, it is a sport that is suitable for young and old. We will show everyone how to relax and enjoy SUP paddling.

    5. Do I need to be able to swim?

    No, as even if you can swim, we would still recommend that you wear a life jacket as it is mandatory when you are not with an instructor on the water! Our instructors are certified lifeguards from the BRC for open water areas, as they will keep you safe and teach you how to react in different situations and on different water terrains.

    6. If I have health problems, can I SUP?

    Yes, but it is good to let us know about your medical condition. We need to know in order to respond properly in an emergency. If it is necessary to carry medicines with you, our instructors have a dry bag for them and will always be nearby.

    7. Can I fall into the water?

    In the beginning, there’s a chance you’ll fall off the board, especially if you’re in a hurry to get up. In most cases this can be avoided with the help of an instructor.

    8. How do I decide if an adventure is right for me?

    Adventures are divided into beginner, advanced and experienced, such as:Beginners are people without any paddling experience. The adventures will be of an educational nature, as in an hour, anyone who could not paddle a SUP and did not even imagine how to stand up and keep balance, will suddenly enjoy the tranquility of nature, paddling upright.Advanced are people who calmly keep balance on the board, are not worried about waves or rocking, and know how to move straight. The adventures will be longer and will take you to unique and hard-to-reach places, for which the efforts will be worth it!Experienced people who do sports, know how to row technically correctly and have no problem with long paddling over 4 hours. We hope to build a community with them that will develop this sport for everyone and everywhere!If you can’t decide whether an adventure is for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will gladly answer you and recommend the best!

    9. How to organize an adventure?

    Choose a place, a date and gather at least 4 people. Make an inquiry on the site or contact us.

    10. Which seasons are suitable?

    All seasons are suitable for SUP paddling, but in Bulgaria the best times are late spring, summer and early autumn, when the water is warmer and the weather is more favorable. In winter, on sunny days and with the right equipment, SUP training is a little more difficult, but it is extremely building and increases the endurance of its practitioners.

    11. What happens in bad conditions?

    The only unfavorable conditions are when there is a strong wind or thunderstorm near the place where we will be paddling. We will notify you in time, if we have to postpone or cancel a training or adventure.

    12. Will I lose my deposit if I cannot participate in an adventure I signed up for?

    In case of inability to participate in an adventure for which you have signed up, you may participate in another event of the same or higher value, and the amount paid by you will be deducted in its entirety. In addition, you have the opportunity to transfer your participation to another person, and you should inform us accordingly and in a timely manner. If you do not wish to take advantage of the listed options and notify us at least 7 days before the adventure, you will be refunded the full amount you have paid.

    13. Can one SUP be used by two people at the same time?

    No, for beginners! Yes, for advanced users and with a certain load – up to 150 kg total weight, and we will show you how to make it comfortable for both of you.

    14. Is there a place to store personal belongings?

    Yes, there is always storage space and we take responsibility for your personal belongings while you are on the water!

    15. Can I bring a dog?

    For adventures, yes, if it is obedient and let us know in a timely manner. It is not recommended for an individual lesson, because everything affects the balance of the beginners and if you fall into the water, you may get hurt.

    16. Do you offer kayak?

    Yes, we offer individual lessons in touring kayak and SUP kayak, and we plan to have joint events with kayak organizers, in order to diversify the participants. Upon request, we can find you the kayak you need.

    17. Alcohol and drugs?

    They are prohibited during paddling! Our instructors have the right not to let you on the water in an intoxicated state!