We believe that we offer the best paddling services thanks to the experience and qualities we have acquired over the years as athletes and coaches, and especially for our personal passion for water sports. We guarantee a lot of positive emotions in a combination of new knowledge and skills, in a fast gaining popularity sport. Once tried, you will repeat for sure!

Individual lesson with instructor - SUP or kayak

Learn the basic SUP (or kayak) technique – how to smoothly stand up (sit) and balance on the board (in the kayak), how to use your body muscles to paddle properly, what are the safety instructions for paddling in open waters.

An individual lesson is the easiest way to learn paddling technique, taught by professionals with a personal touch. This lesson is mainly for beginners and there will be an instructor responsible for your safety at all times. We guarantee that after one lesson, you will easily be able to paddle on your own.

The lesson includes: ready-to-paddle SUP board (or kayak), adjustable paddle, life jacket, ankle strap, instructor and safety briefing. The lesson is minimum 1 hour, which can be extended on site, according to your individual capabilities and desire. The lesson takes place at Pancharevo Lake (near Sofia), every weekday with advance booking. Payment is made after the lesson – BGN 40 per person for 1 hour.

50% discount for customers with personal equipment
25% discount for children under 16

Reserve your individual lesson at – 0893 613 925

Functional workouts at Pancharevo Lake

This service is temporary stopped.

After acquiring basic knowledge and skills, you may decide that SUP is exactly your sport. We offer our functional workouts, to sculpt your figure and keep it in good shape.

If you want to exercise or your child to spend time in nature and to do sports, these group activities are exactly for you. Each training has a different load, with exercises tailored to the age and individual capabilities.

The training includes paddling combined with exercises: with self-weight; with elastic band; improving coordination and balance; for breathing; isometric; yoga asanas. It takes place at Pancharevo Lake every weekday from 6:00 PM and lasts 1 hour.

Single visit for children up to 16 years old and adults over 50 – BGN 12

for adults between 16-50 years old – BGN 18

Monthly card for children up to 16 years old and adults over 50 BGN 120

for adults between 16-50 years old BGN 180

On the first visit of a minor, he/she must be accompanied and present an identity document. Training is not recommended for children under 10 years of age.

Pre-booking is required by calling 0893 613 925

If you want an unforgettable day for your child and his friends, without the effort of organization, contact us. We offer you a sporty, fun-filled day in the nature of Pancharevo Lake.

The duration of the party is between 90-120 minutes and the children will have activities on water and land, according to their abilities. All children will be wearing life jackets and our instructors will take care of their safety. We will teach them safety along and in the water, paddling technique in various water sports, and if desired, we will organize games and competitions.

For a group of up to 10 children – BGN 45 per child
For a group of up to 20 children –
BGN 36 per child
For a group of more than 20 children – program and price negotiable

Children are recommended to be over 7 years old and accompanied by at least one adult.

Appointments by phone 0893 613 925 at least 10 days before the desired date.

If you and your colleagues are wondering what to be your next team building and you want it to be in the nature and full of movement, then we are the right choice! We offer to introduce you to the magic of water sports, which are easy to learn and practice in your free time.

Outdoor sports (paddling) are suitable for everyone and develop physical qualities, such as strength, speed, endurance, coordination, qualities that are underestimated in everyday life or in the office environment, but are the basis for maintaining a healthy body and a fresh mind.

We will teach you about safety and proper technique in the various rowing sports, after which the training will move into practice on the water. During the paddling, we have prepared fun tasks to bring the team together. We will check who was careful and how they will cope with the given exercises in different extreme conditions. If you have energy left, we can organize competitions, games, fun on water and/or on land. We have different activities for everyone. We are expecting you!

Team up to 8 participants – BGN 60 per person
Team up to 16 participants –
BGN 50 per person
Team with more than 16 participants – program and price negotiable

Team building takes place at Pancharevo Lake, near Sofia. If you wish for another location, you will be charged extra for organizational costs. The duration of the event is between 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the group.

Appointments by phone 0893 613 925 at least 10 days before the desired date.