Inflatable SUP paddleboard Gladiator PRO 11’2″

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The PRO series paddle boards are the most sold from Gladiator!

Everything necessary for unforgettable experiences, for the beginning of new discoveries and journeys in unknown territories, intense training in nature – is included.

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Product description

Inflatable SUP paddleboard Gladiator PRO 11’2″

is a SUP board, Stand Up paddleboard, paddle board specially designed for shorter people (below 165 cm) who are looking for an All-round paddle board with versatile performance. This board is 12 cm thick, which is extremely important for any rider, but especially for those who are lighter and shorter. The shorter rider height, less board thickness and its volume in the water create great stability. This paddle board is great for ladies and older children This universal board is ideal for people up to 75 kg (recommended weight). Despite this recommendation, it is designed for a maximum load of 160 kg (total load capacity).

The Gladiator PRO series are premium boards for people who want more. Gladiator PRO are made of high density double laminated material. With its ability to reach 26psi, it provides a stiff board for an exceptional paddling experience. Front, back and center carrying handles are included for easy transport and for attaching straps to carry the kit. The Gladiator PRO is reinforced with a Triple Xstrong rail that adds to the feel of a hard board. Thanks to its design and manufacturing method, the narrow and super strong edge becomes an integral part of the SUP board, as a result of which it offers even more stiffness, ease of gliding on the water and performance. SUP boards from Gladiator’s PRO range are not to be confused and compared with budget brands on the market; Gladiator PRO boards offer quality well above their price range. There is no better built inflatable paddleboard on the market in this price range.


Large and with excellent build quality, Gladiator backpacks are designed to easily fit the entire kit on your Gladiator SUP board. Equipped with wheels, it is convenient and easy to carry to the beach or to travel around the world.

Double acting pump and pressure gauge:

Inflate your board quickly and easily with continuous pumping cycles both down and up. With one flick of the switch, double action becomes single and you’ll be able to inflate in just one direction for easier inflation to the recommended 20 PSI. Maximum rated pressure is 26 PSI.

Carbon paddle:

A carbon shoulder combined with a nylon blade makes the Gladiator PRO SUP paddle light and durable – perfect for your adventures with your new SUP board.

Coiled leash:

The SUP connection is an essential part of the kit to ensure your safety in the water and your continuous connection to your SUP board. Every Gladiator SUP board comes with a coiled spiral connection

Universal Fin:

Branded Gladiator Universal All Round Fin 8″

Repair kit:

Gladiator SUP boards are strong and durable and come with a 3 year warranty. A repair and maintenance kit is also included for added security. Thus, you will be sure that even if you hit your board, you will be able to easily and quickly repair it and soon be on the water again.

Kit Contents:

1 x Gladiator PRO 11’2″ Inflatable SUP Board

1 x Pump with pressure gauge

1 x Branded Gladiator Fin 9″

1 x User Manual

1 x High-end wheeled transport backpack

1 x Spiral cord (leash) for the ankle

1 x Paddle Carbon / Nylon

1 x Repair Kit

1 x Warranty Card – 3 year extended warranty on workmanship and materials

Warranty: Gladiator boards come with a 3 year extended warranty on workmanship and materials and 12 months on accessories

The specified terms apply to natural persons.

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