Spinera Classic Pro Dual Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

59.00 лв.

A modern SUP board must be inflated to a very high pressure to achieve optimal performance. For this purpose, we decided to realize a hand pump, more convenient, fast and robust. Our Spinera Double Action Classic Pro pump, used in double action and then in single action, can achieve 26 psi quickly and effortlessly. It comes with a pressure gauge that shows you the exact pressure.

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Product description


Swivel pump adapter for easier hose connection
Seals and anti-sand filter for long pump and SUP board life
Impact resistant
High pressure
Efficient double action hand pump
With drop function
Reinforced pump handles
Suitable for inflatable SUPs and kayaks
Color: Turquoise/Black
Pressure gauge with bar and PSI pressure display
Aluminum pump shaft
Extra large pump body for faster pumping
Foldable legs for easy portability and storage

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