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The inflatable paddleboard MAQUA TILES Kayak Kit is noticeable and incredibly beautiful, an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate kayakers weighing up to 145 kg. and provides excellent opportunities for use in calm waters and in the presence of small waves. A universal ALL AROUND variant of SUR sport, following the attached instructions, every member of the family can easily start rowing within one hour. The light and strong Drop-Stitch technology with a thickness of 15 cm – a filling of double-pointed threads creates a light and exceptionally strong thread, easy to inflate and deflate. With the universal volume and the integrated soft cover – the anti-slip surface, made of durable EVA foam, the inflatable SUR BOD MAQUA TILES Kayak Kit is an ideal choice for water sports, swimming, kayaking rowing, fishing, yoga and surfing for every member the family. The advantage of the inflatable function of the MAQUA TILES Kayak Kit allows it to be easily carried in a car in a deflated state, placed in a backpack and carried on public transport.

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Product description

  •  Designer full color printing, UV protection layer, beautiful and exquisite overall print on the surface
  •  Light and strong Drop-Stitch 15 cm technology – double-pointed thread filling
  •  Neat Wonde Technologically innovative heat generation
  •  BRAVO valve – double waterproof valve with locking. Double sealed eye valve
  •  Fin module 3 pcs. with easy installation – disassembly, one central and two lateral for different water conditions
  •  EVA PAD 5mm non-slip surface coating with diamond layout;
  •  Open support for cleaning  
  •  Stainless steel D-rings and elastic webbing for carrying luggage and mounting a canoe paddling seat
  •  Optimum inflation pressure up to 15 PSI (1.03 bar)
  •  Optimal load up to 145 kg
  •  Dimensions: 330cm x 80cm x 15cm
  •  Volume – 310
  •  Weight – 8.5 kg

What the kit contains:

  • inflatable SUP board
  • Backpack for carrying and storage
  • 4 piece aluminum paddle
  • Two-way inflation pump with pressure gauge
  • Kayak paddling seat
  • Fin module 3 pcs. with easy assembly – disassembly
  • Safety rope LEASH
  • Repair kit parts & valve key and INSTRUCTION MANUAL in Bulgarian
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